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RCA BA-72A Preamps

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A client in Los Angeles wanted a pair of RCA BA-71 preamps racked with the option of using them to run some stereo tracks through.  These use the same circuit as the BA-31 (minus power supply) and the BA-72.  I had a few BA-72A modules in stock and came up with this single space rack mount solution.  First the modules were tested, re-capped and tested again.  Then I built a power supply with 30 VDC for the preamps and 48 VDC phantom power.  The modules were wired with a switchable 20dB pad as well as a switch to change the input transformer from 150 ohms to 600 ohms.  With both the pad and 600 ohm setting, the preamps can take up to 0dBm input without clipping.  Of course the output is +20dBm at that point, so I added 600 ohm attenuators to the output.  Everything fit nicely in the single rack unit and I put collars around the +48 switches, original RCA knobs on the outputs, and a black and silver RCA “meatball” logo on the front panel for good measure!

recapped RCA BA-71 72 31 transistor preamplifier

Recapped Preamp

connecting RCA preamps BA series discrete transistor

Wiring in Progress

Wiring RCA preamp rack BA-72A

Wired Up

RCA BA-71 vintage preamplifier front

Front View

RCA BA-72A Preamp back panel

Back Panel

RCA BA-72 discrete preamp controls


RCA meatball logo on BA-72A preamp

Meatball Logo







4 Channel Mic Pre & Limiter

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Another fun project for engineer and lover of odd gear, Dan Physics.  He dubbed it the Mic RipPre 4.  These are funky little portable mic preamps with opto limiters that were designed to run on two 9v batteries.  They have Beyerdynamic input transformers and 600 ohm output transformers.  I gutted four of them, recycling the XLR connectors and circuit boards, and fit them in a 1U rack case with a +/-15v power supply and +48v phantom power.  The only other mod was a control for the amount of limiting.  It’s not exactly threshold, nor is it really ratio – just “amount”.

They are pretty clean sounding preamps, no surprise with such a simple circuit.  All new capacitors didn’t hurt either.  One board needed a new diode in the limiter, but otherwise they were in good shape.  Fitting all of the controls on the front panel was the hard part!  The original preamps had nice little collars around the toggle switches so I used those to prevent accidents with phantom power.

mic preamp/opto limiter

Stripped down boards

laying out 4 channel mic preamp/opto limiter

Making sure it will fit.

mic preamp/opto limiter control panel layout

Control layout

hand drilling panel for mic preamp/opto limiter

Why I need a Drill Press

wiring 4 channel mic preamp/opto limiter

All wired up

4 channel mic preamp/opto limiter

Completed unit

knobs and switches


Sphere 1014 and 910 Equalizers

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This is a rack full of vintage Sphere equalizers.  My client made the wooden case from zebra wood and walnut.  I wired and mounted the EQs and transformers and built the power supply.  The 1014s are IC based parametric EQs with high and low cut filters.  The 910s are fully discrete graphic EQs with inductors for each band.  We used transformers from Orphan Audio – Quad Eight inputs and Reichenbach outputs.  Unfortunately the Reichenbachs were PC mount so I had to attach them to some perfboard.  The Quad Eights mounted right below the input jacks on the back panel.  Power requirements were +/- 24VDC for audio and +5VDC for logic.  It was a lot of wiring to fit in the box, leaving length for servicing.  They are pretty fantastic EQs, especially the graphics!

Sphere On

Sphere Back

Sphere Back

Sphere Wiring

Sphere Wiring

Sphere Xfmr Board

Sphere Xfmr Board

Sphere PSU

Sphere PSU

GATES Discrete Microphone Preamps

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This is a pair of Gates broadcast discrete transistor mic pres.  These microphone preamplifiers were used in Gates radio boards and have transformer balanced inputs and outputs.  They have 37 dB of gain and I racked them with a level control ranging from 20-37db.  The position of the level control is immediately after the input transformer so there is no need for a pad on the input unless you are overloading the transformer!  These units were re-capped and wired for 150 ohms in and 600 ohms out.  This was a super simple and clean rack job so they only have XLR in and out, level control, and a power switch for the outboard +30v power supply.

Universal Audio 1108 & 508

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This is a set of vintage Universal Audio (UA / Urei) 1108 discrete transistor microphone preamplifiers with matching 508 passive equalizers.  The preamps are transformer in and out and sound amazing.  The EQs use passive capacitors and inductors for simple but smooth EQ.  Restored and racked with phantom power and gain pots.

Yamaha PM1000

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Yamaha PM1000 discrete transistor console strips cut down, recapped, modded, and racked as mic pres with EQ.

Telefunken W95C EQ

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Single Telefunken W95C discrete equalizer module.  Racked with power supply and XLR in/out.

RCA BA-31 Preamps

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A pair of vintage RCA BA-31 discrete transistor microphone preamps with Daven output attenuators.