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Posted in Modded, Repaired with tags , on September 17, 2013 by AnalogAudioRepair

Last month was super busy with work and a short vacation, so here are a few quick pics. This is the first post done from my phone so I apologize for the brevity.

First is a 1950s Gibson Les Paul tube guitar amp full of NOS RCA tubes.  It had been improperly repaired previously (component soldered to the wrong side of a cap) and it had a 6V6 with an intermittent short. Found the fault and replaced the tube with a matching vintage RCA.
Next was a Drip 175 in for servicing. These guys are very particular about the 6BC8 that you choose! Calibrated nicely with a vintage GE tube.

Next is another Allison Labs filter mod with UTC transformers. Followed by another CBS Volumax mod, just because these pieces are so fun.